Timer is a useful tool that allow you to setup an alarm for a time.the application can be customised by changing the color of the application by using the bottom left buttons for each color.

the idea behind timer is really simple when you set the timer you can see what time looks like this timer is counting down right now so as time goes by this red disk is gonna get smaller so you can intuitively understand when you have a lot of time like we have right now and when you have just a little bit of time when there's just a little bit of red left on the face timer was founded 25 years ago by Jan Rogers her youngest daughter was always late everything that Jan tried the kitchen timer analog clock wasn't really helpful for her daughter Jan had the idea if she could show her daughter what time looked like as it was going away it would be easier to understand and for her to manage the first timer was made out of two paper plates and Jan moved the plates by hand to really illustrate for her daughter what less time looked like from those two paper plates came the timer.